My new life

I had been sick for about 3 years now and at first it was so strange slight abdominal pain fatigue massive fatigue like the type you leave 4 loads of clean laundry in the laundry baskets fatigue. I remember wanting to do so many things around the house the want was there but no energy and being frustrated not being able to understand why I couldn’t do my mom thing anymore it was so strange. So I went to the doctor with the abdominal pain came testing like ultrasounds and ct scans finding out I had a lot of enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen and possibly lymphoma due to also having really elevated lymphocytes and liver enzymes. Everything happened so fast more pain in joints more fatigue no diagnosis and still seeing the oncologist with scans every 3 to 6 months . Finally after 2 years I got the all clear it’s not lymphoma what a relief. The only issue was then what was it? This exhaustion this body pain that felt like the flu this bruised looking rashes I started getting on my legs the skin burning and the feeling of something just eating the flesh from the inside out on all my joints to the point where I was in tears. What has going on with my body my life and feeling so lost . I started to do more test for autoimmune diseases eventhough my primary at this time didnt believe me . I was called a med seeker and told I had fibromyalgia and nothing else it was so confusing i was also rejected by 3 rheumatologist who said the same thing and wanted to push fibromyalgia meds on me as if this was the only thing possible. I stopped looking for help and answers but there was one PA who I work with that believed every word every pain I had and he believed that Ihad a problem a real disease affecting my life and knew I needed help. So I kept getting labs done during every flare up and finally August 2018 I started my new life with a diagnosis of having an autoimmune disease.

Why me

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This blog will be mostly for the purpose of discussing rhumatoid arthritis and how to try to live as normal life as possible with a incurable disease. I’m 36 years old and by no means do I feel sorry for myself for having this disease. I use it to grow and become a stronger person.